Ten-Tec Argonaut 5 (Model 516)

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I’ve been intrigued by the QRP CW culture since before I got my ticket. I joined the NAQCC and participate in their monthly sprints and other contest-type activities. It’s challenging trying to score points on 5 watts with a simple wire antenna, but that’s because the required skills only come with a lot of work, practice and patience.

I picked this Model 516  up from a club member after he decided he wanted more power for field operations. Its just back from a factory refurbishment and works like new with all the latest mods.  It’s a great QRP rig, drawing just 1.5A at 5W and 6A at full 20W PEP.  The Model 516 is the only Argonaut with DSP filtering and the most powerful at 20 watts nominal.   Full 1.8Hz to 29.7HZ tuning.  AM, USB, LSB, CW and FM modes.

Full documentation is at



2 thoughts on “Ten-Tec Argonaut 5 (Model 516)

  1. Hello!
    Please if you can help me with any information about Argonaut amendment 516 for emission band cb
    I sent mail to TEN TEC but we have not received any Răspusul
    Thank you in advance

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