Earlier this year I joined the North American QRP CW Club (NAQCC) and can’t tell you how much this has helped me make progress with my CW studies.  Great bunch of folks – men and women – dedicated to getting more hams into CW, especially at QRP output levels.   There are weekly regional slow speed (QRS) nets and  monthly Sprints all aimed at providing a safe, friendly, low-pressure place to practice CW and QRP CW in real world HF conditions.   If you are new to CW or just want to get started please check us out.  There’s something for everybody and a real dedication to helping the beginner get on the air and have some fun with CW.

I hope you will visit our site at to investigate and to seriously consider joining up, which incidentally is free for the asking!   All you need to get on the air is a modest HF rig, a key, a simple wire antenna and some time to practice.  To see if it’s for you before  getting on the air – just 15 minutes of copy practice a day using computer software or free mp3 audio files with a player will get you surprising results!

Feel free to post a comment here with contact info if you have any questions. As a new ham and a newbie to CW and QRP I know how intimidating it can feel.  But have a go, it’s easier than you think.  Only  recently was I able to get up the courage to send my very first CQ on 20M at 30W on a simple wire antenna, and to my amazement made my first DX to Milan, Italy from Midcoast Maine! Imagine that, my first solo CW contact and it’s a DX! Only 99 more to go for DXCC on CW!

Get started now!  go to: to listen to some pros zip along at warp speed. Then get the latest version of Videolan VLC player (free) at and select Windows or Mac versions of the VLC player.  VLC  has a neat feature which will let you slow down the code without changing the pitch.  Use the speed control to vary the speed until you can copy the exchanges.

To view our weekly QRS network schedule go here:

To view current or past  monthly newsletters in PDF format go here:

73 and 72,

chuck yahrling AB1VL

NAQCC # 6799


One thought on “NAQCC

  1. Hey Chuck:
    Awesome WordPress Blog. I got to do some updating of my blog and start using it. Any suggestions?
    Will look for you this Sunday at 6 hopefully connect.
    Jim VE3NWN

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