LP-PAN2 Project

I played with Na3P SDR software using audio out from the K3 and was intrigued by the display and the quality of the open source software.  I found the LP-PAN2 SDR Panadapter at Telepost and after several email exchanges with Larry Phipps N8LP purchased the LP-PAN2 for my K3.  Two days later it arrived and I made up a mini-coax cable to take IF output from the two pin header labelled P86 on the bottom of the K3 RF board.

Just by luck I was at the annual Lewiston Maine Hamfest over the weekend and was able to get a short length of 50 ohm teflon mini-coax and a few free 3 wire female plugs for the header end.  I had a bulkhead BNC socket on hand so I drilled a suitable hole in the middle back panel blank to mount it. After some surgery to pare the three pin holes down to two and some careful soldering the cable was ready.  Here’s a short slide show of the operation which took only a few hours.  Use the icons at the bottom of the image to pause, backup, or step forward through the slides.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




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