About AB1VL

Passed the Extra Exam 3/29/14 and changed my call from KB1ZMX to AB1VL. A little easier for CW.

Here are some old pictures in the shack. Click on any image to start the gallery show.  ESC to exit.

I’m a retired IT network engineer. You can find me on CW and Digital on HF.  Just getting back to radio after a long layoff, after I built a Heathkit GR-91 at age 12.

Old tube rig is a Kenwood TS-530S. Mic is a vintage Kenwood MC-50. Summer of 2013 I added a Ten-Tec Argonaut 5 to the shack, along with a Palm mini-paddle. Santa brought me an IC-7000 for Christmas of 2013. I’m building a Weber Tri-Bander QRP CW kit to go with the SLT+ QRP tuner I already  built.

My main rig now is a kit-built K3 along with an Expert 1K-FA amp which i use for contesting and chasing DX.

72 es 73, Chuck

NAQCC 6799



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